If you are Starting with Revit LT from scratch then this course is designed for you to get you up and running to ease the transition from your current design software so you can become productive using Revit LT in the shortest possible time frame. Learn the necessary skills for building modelling, annotation and basic family creation.  Because the course is on a modular basis we can easily customize the course to tailor for your specific needs if you just want to cover specific modules as a refresher for existing Revit users.

With the Fundamentals Course you will cover the following aspects;

Fundamentals of Revit LT

  • Introduction to BIM
  • How Revit Processes Information
  • Navigating the User Interface
  • Getting Help

Module 1 | Creating the Building Shell 

  • Start a New Project Based on a Template
  • Import an AutoCAD® Drawing as an Underlay
  • Set the Project Levels
  • Sketch the Exterior Walls
  • Define and Apply a New Wall Style
  • Sketch the Interior Walls
  • Load and Place Doors to the Building Model
  • Adding a Door in a 3D View
  • Load and Place Windows to the Building Model
  • Adding a Floor to the Building Model
  • Adding a Roof to the Building Model

Module 2 | Prepare the Drawing for Presentation

  • Placing Dimensions
  • Create an Area Legend
  • Adding Model Components
  • Adding 2D Drawing Components
  • Generate Tabular Door and Window Schedule
  • Create Door and Window Elevations for the Schedule
  • Creating Door and Window Schedule Using Legends
  • Create a Drawing Sheet for the Ground Floor Plan
  • Layout Views on a New Title Sheet
  • Modify the Title Sheet Information
  • Change the Appearance of Doors on Plan

Module 3 | Site Modeling and Rendering 

  • Draw the Property Line
  • Creating a Topographical Surface
  • Align the Model to True North
  • Changing the Toposurface Surface Material
  • Creating a Slab Edge
  • Load and Add Site Components to the Model
  • Define Surface Materials and Add a Parking Component
  • Define a Footpath and Steps
  • Rendering and Generating an Artist Impression

Module 4 | Building Sections and Detailing 

  • Cutting a Section View of the Building Model
  • Create a Callout Detail of a Window
  • Import 2D Elements
  • Annotate the Detail
  • Break the Head and Sill Details to Two Views

Module 5 | Creating a Loadable Window Family 

Module 6 | Model a Commercial Building 

  • Set-out Gridlines
  • Create a Floor Slab
  • Place Walls Rising Two Levels
  • Create a Second Floor Slab
  • Place and Modify a Curtain Wall
  • Place a Roof
  • Embed a Curtain Wall to Define a Window
  • Creating Columns and Floor Opening
  • Fundamentals of Worksharing a Project File

Controlling Visibility and Graphics 

Importing DWG Files to Revit LT

Detailing in Autodesk Revit LT

Revit Families 

Revit Keyboard System Accelerator 

Revit Keyboard Shortcuts 

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