• Having problems controlling view visibility settings with ‘Linked’ revit models??

    We have recently come accross an issue with one or our customers which is worth a mention whereby the have a linked structural model hosted in their Architectural model using Revit 2012.  Not unusual you might think and normally you would be right.   The problem The structural model contains model elements where phasing...

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  • Like us now on Facebook!

    GDL now has a facebook page you can search for and like so you can keep up with announcements, important updates or articles of interest.  You can find the Social Media buttons on our Blog Page where you can simply click on the icon and go straight to our page. You can also do the

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  • Fresh New Look!

    Welcome to the fresh new website for Graphic Dimensions Ltd.  Our old website has undergone a major overhaul to provide a more informative and easy to navigate interface which we are proud of and we hope you like our new look.

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